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  1. Thing 1
    Thing 1
    The first love of my life. 5 years old and full of innocence, this crazy child is the most polite, sweetest, loving boy I've ever had the pleasure to know
  2. Thing 2
    Thing 2
    The second love of my life. Thing 2 was concieved far too early in our relationship, but his daddy has stuck by me through some tough shit, and has proven to be a great father to both of my Things, even though Thing 1 isn't his. This baby has been a blessing in disguise, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  3. Luca, aka Asshole
    Luca, aka Asshole
    This kitty was brought into our home August 22 2015. She coudl fit in the palm of our hands and was the tiniest little fluff ball ever. However, as she began to grow, we quickly discovered that "she" was a "he". So now we're dealing with spraying and finding someone to neuter him so we can hopefully keep this prized asshole. Luca is a sweet loving kitty, and is Thing 1's first love. So wish us luck!
  4. Kyo (pronounced Kee-oh)
    Kyo (pronounced Kee-oh)
    Only the best kitty ever. I've had this lovely for 7, almost 8 years, and never once had an issue with him. Even when Thing 1 was just a wee babe, pulling on his ears and whiskers, Kyo just laid there and took it. This cat is my best friend and has weathered many storms with me. Don't judge my budding inner cat lady :)
  5. Fiance
    This guy has stuck through so much with me. From a pregnancy early on in our relationship to my insane family dynamics, I couldn't blame him if he didn't want to stay together. He's my best friend, and our relationship is wonderful. He's a wonderful father not only to Thing 2, but also to Thing 1, to whom he has no responsibility for. He's the glue to my little family.
  6. Sage
    Born March 31 2016 this is our new pit bull, mastiff, German Shephard mix. What the hell was I thinking getting a puppy with all these crazy kids?
  7. Luna
    The new neighbors took in a stray, decided they didn't know what the hell they were doing, and ta-da! Luna. She's sweet, and still learning the litter box but doesn't have the problems Luca did. And no I did not want another cat, as I was very much not ready yet, but life said too bad.
Ky Hargrave 
Beginner Stay at home Mom
I am a twenty six year old, engaged mother of two, a five year old and an almost one year old. I am a stay at home mom, and I'm still trying to ease into this role after a year. Please take a moment to read my blogs, and feel free to comment on them!